2 ways to wash your face to reduce acne

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Who has acne that doesn’t go away? until the face is completely destroyed And where will there be black marks or red marks following? Including many acne holes, it’s a problem that never ends. no matter how good the cream is The bad acne is still haunting me… First of all, let everyone try to check for themselves. We are washing the wrong face. are you there

And the wrong face wash What kind is this? Many people may think That we wash our face with a gel or foam cleanser. This means that our skin is clean. But does everyone know that This one-step cleansing It’s not enough to make our skin clean. because each day Our facial skin is faced with many impurities. starting from cosmetics to dust and smoke that clogs our pores which dirt clogging in the pores of this It is said to be very difficult to remove.

Even our one step face wash It cannot be completely eliminated. And if you leave it to get clogged for a long time, it will become a clog. to inflammatory acne Cause acne scars or acne holes to follow again. This is the reason why our acne never disappears from the face! So how to wash your face that can help reduce acne breakouts. We recommend a technique called Double Cleansing.

How to wash your face to reduce acne Double Cleansing

     Double Cleansing is a 2-step facial cleansing! When washing your face only one step. Still can’t make the skin clean deeply. So we need to add 2 steps there. But first you need to understand that This 2-step facial cleansing is not washing your face twice, it has different meanings! This technique of Double Cleansing is a facial skin care method that originated from Korea. We therefore have no doubt that Why do Korean women have clear skin without acne all the time? If anyone is ready to revolutionize the way they wash their own face again. Let’s start washing your face with Double Cleansing at the same time! สมัคร ufabet

Double Cleansing

  • Step 1

     First, let us wash off makeup or other impurities. left on the surface With an oil-based makeup remover or cleansing oil. By allowing us to use our hands that are dry and clean gradually Massage into still dry skin. Massage until the makeup is completely dissolved. Then apply a small amount of water on the face. Then continue to massage until the oil turns into milk. This is how we can say that we wash our face in the first step correctly. Then rinse with clean water.

Why use Cleansing Oil?

     The reason why you need to use cleansing oil to clean your face Because the oil will help dissolve makeup well. It also helps to maintain moisture so that the skin is not too dry and tight as well. But if someone has very oily skin I’ve used cleansing oil and it doesn’t work. Because it may still be clogged. It is recommended to use as a cleansing balm. It will make our faces not too sticky. 

  • Step 2

     The next step is to wash your face again by using a Cream-Based or Water-Based cleansing product because it will be gentle on the skin. By letting us wash your face along the pores. Because it can help get rid of dirt that clogs the pores to come out. Then rinse with clean water. That’s it, our skin will be completely clean. There is no residue that is the cause of acne breakouts. Everyone will feel that our skin is smoother and smoother. And when washing your face thoroughly like this every day, it will make your skin not clogged and not cause acne. Get ready to have beautiful, clear skin without acne!